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Why Give?

As a language all its own, ballet finds a unique way to connect, enrich, and inspire all who witness its grace and timeless beauty. The fluidity with which a dancer moves and the creative hand that shapes and blends technique into a visual masterpiece are talents that have afforded us passionate, dynamic transformations for centuries.

With over three decades behind us, Nevada Ballet Theatre continues to pursue a world-class status, reiterating along the way the strength of our classical roots and importance of our financial supporters.

For a non-profit organization like Nevada Ballet Theatre, sharing the entertainment circuit of Southern Nevada with the lavish Strip shows of Vegas often means living under the guise that money comes easily; however, operating a professional ballet company requires the efforts of a wide array of loyal contributors. Only 25 percent of Nevada Ballet Theatre's revenue is generated by ticket sales, and simply staging a performance requires significant financial resources. Over $40,000 alone is needed to fund toe shoes each season! With additional financial challenges such as funding scholarships for our affiliated school, the Academy of Nevada Ballet Theatre, and our Education & Outreach Program, Future Dance, Nevada Ballet Theatre relies on our community partners to continue the tradition of exceptional ballet in Southern Nevada.

As you consider the unique role you can play in supporting Nevada Ballet Theatre, remember the many ways you can give - through our patron program, corporate sponsorships, planned giving, and the endowment.

Please contact the Development Department at 702-243-2623 for more information.

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