Began in 1992, GO-MOVE-DANCE!!! is an elementary school residency program that coincides with the school year offering students 28 weeks of free, in-school dance instruction to 16 underserved Clark County schools. Eligible schools must have 50% or more of their student body on the Free or Reduced Lunch Program. Students are taught a variety of disciplines with a focus on ballet, jazz and hip-hop. Classes are taught by qualified Future Dance Teaching Artists, who follow a detailed curriculum.In addition to the classes, each year students in this program attend four school matinees performances by NBT’s professional company artists. Also, the students themselves perform in the annual Future Dance Spring Concert at The Smith Center. This program has served nearly 100,000 students in CCSD over its history.

GO-MOVE-DANCE!!! for non-at-risk school sites: public, charter, private, and parochial schools can pay a fee to participate in a version of our GO-MOVE-DANCE!!! Program which is held after school for students who are interested in dance. These students attend the school matinee performances by NBT’s professional company artists, and perform as special guests in the Dance Discovery Spring Concert.