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The Academy of Nevada Ballet Theatre (ANBT) is the official school of Nevada Ballet Theatre and the premier ballet and dance training center of Southern Nevada. Founded in 1979, the Academy is guided by a commitment to excellence, offering training in many forms of dance with classes for students 18 months of age through adult. The Academy is housed in a 36,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility, offering the highest standard of artistic education taught by distinguished and world-renowned instructors.

ANBT follows a structured sequence of training stages designed to increase technical skills, stamina and discipline in accordance with age and individual physical development. The fundamentals of dance training include: technique, coordination, muscle development, strength, body awareness, flexibility, musicality, and artistic expression. Inherent to dance training, corrections are essential; therefore, students are guided verbally and physically by instructors to ensure proper body alignment and body placement.

Dance education is an ongoing process that continues throughout a dancer's career; students whose lives lead to non-dance careers garner invaluable skills of discipline, dedication, poise and a life-long appreciation for the arts.



Important Student Information for new and current students:


Do you have classes for all ages?
Children ages 18 months to 18 years old may register and take weekly classes. Adults 15 and up may take drop-in adult classes that are offered throughout the week.

What types of dance classes do you offer?
The Academy offers classes in Ballet, Me & Mum, Theatre Dance, Jazz, Contemporary, Lyrical, Tap, Modern, Hip-Hop, Improvisation, Stretch, Jumps & Turns, Character, and Tumbling for Dance.

How much do classes cost?
Academy classes begin at $65 per month for a one-hour class once per week. See the class schedule for more pricing information. (Click here for current schedule).

May my child “try it” before officially signing up?
Yes, students may take any class one time without obligation. Please check in at the front desk fifteen minutes prior to the class you would like to try.

What should my child wear to class for the first time?
If your child already owns dance attire, have them wear that for the first class. When you register, you will receive a list of Academy uniform requirements.

How should my child wear his/her hair for class?
Boys' hair must be well groomed and off the face. Girls hair must be in a bun for all Ballet classes, and in a bun or ponytail for all Dance Program classes. Click here for instruction on how to make a bun.

How do I know what classes my child should take?
If your child is in the second grade or younger, you may register for the Children’s Program classes according to his/her age. If your child is 8 and over, please speak to someone at the front desk regarding which classes would be appropriate. Click here for a current class schedule.

I have a son. What classes can he take?
Boys can register for any of the classes we offer. Boys age seven and up can take one of the all-boys classes (Boys' Ballet) on Saturday. Boys enrolled in another class can take the Boys’ Ballet for free. Click here for a current class schedule.

Do all students receive the opportunity to perform?
The Academy offers several performance opportunities for students. Student auditions are held in September for the company’s annual production of The Nutcracker. In May, students will perform in the annual Spring Concert.

How do I register my child?
To register, please visit us at our facility and studios at 1651 Inner Circle (click for map) and we will provide you with the appropriate paperwork. At the time of registration, the $45 registration fee and first month’s tuition must be paid.

How is the Academy of Nevada Ballet different from other dance schools in Las Vegas?
The Academy is the only ballet and dance Academy that is affiliated with a professional company.

Where is the Academy located?
The Academy is located 20 minutes West of the Las Vegas strip in the master planned community of Summerlin. Click here for google map.

Who may I speak with for more information?
Feel free to speak with someone at the front desk at any time – in person, via phone or email. Click here to contact us!

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